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Private tour

-The experience tour is a unique surprise both for you as tourists and for us as local guides because as spectators and participants of all that nature has to tell and teach us (we will explain you about nature and everything you need to know about this nature reserve) because every day we find different panoramas of these nature trails.

-This tour is based directly on our recommendations, taking into account weather and tide forecasts, so you will visit areas that are not visited on conventional tours.

-The Tour is an extensive visit between the different ecosystems such as the estuary or estuary, the petenes, freshwater springs, coastal dunes, mangroves, low deciduous flooded forest and plant communities such as tulares or sea grape, which serve as shelter, feeding areas, The tour is about 60 kilometers round trip, exploring the canals at different points of interest where we can find different species of birds of the 400 species that have registered, mammals and reptiles that inhabit the area.

- You will learn about the history of the Maya who lived in the area, the culinary heritage of the Maya, trade at that time and probably learn about the Maya vestiges (The archaeological site of Emal, Yucatan, was one of the major salt production centers of the ancient Maya. Being at the site helps us to understand the production and export of this salt, as well as the local subsistence strategies and long distance trade passing through this site.

- Cerritos Island  according to weather forecasts - we will cross under the bridge of the coloradas where you will be able to observe the coloradas in the ponds where the natural process of salt formation and color (colorado) takes place - you can enjoy the Mayan bath (not mandatory)

- This tour ends at one of the different beaches of the natural reserve that are located in the Gulf of Mexico in order to swim, appreciate or retire to the Mayan bath.

Off-peak hours

-This activity is recommended in 2 schedules and will be recommended based on weather forecasts for this winter season.

In the morning 5:30am (If you're an early riser and love the outdoors, here's a way to enjoy one of nature's special moments: Take your first cup of coffee outside, sit still for a few moments and listen. It's the best time of day to listen to the birds.

"Just at dawn is the optimal time to hear the chorus).

Or in the afternoon 3:30 pm , dusk, twilight, night. You will be able to observe the entrance of the night to observe wildlife at dusk (we carry flashlights).

(We can adapt to a schedule that is more convenient for you).

- The tour can start at our meeting point or if you are staying in Rio Lagartos we can go with our boat to the dock of your hotel.

- You can end the experience at the dock of your hotel or at the restaurant El Rincón De Río to take a fresh water shower and enjoy the catch of the day (food included according to departure times).

This trip is for all ages and perfect for people looking for a high-contact experience with nature, combined with environmental interpretation and excellent photo opportunities.


Duration for the 2 tours: 8 hours

- public parking


In support of the ecological reserve, a federal fee of $61 mxn or $4 usd per person is paid for the preservation and care of this magnificent natural area.


? Equipped boat.
? Certified and specialized nature guide (English, Italian, Spanish, Mayan).
? Environmental interpretation, environmental education, environmental awareness, history, This tour is managed by schedules to avoid environmental damage (erosion) in our nature reserve.
? Bird Guide.
? Binoculars.
? Cooler with drinks depending on the departure time you can choose the type of drinks (coffee, water or beverage).


? Travel insurance.
? Comfortable Chairs.
? Life Jackets.
? first aid kit
Awning (Shade).

???????SUGUGERIDO For Friends, Families or Couples

-Minimum capacity per boat 2 persons
-Maximum capacity per boat 6 persons
(In the case of families with more than 6 members, another boat must be requested).

Price for 1 output
-Price for 2 persons 3,000 Mexican pesos.

-Price for 4 people $3,500 mexican pesos

-Price for 6 persons $4,000 pesos,

Price for the 2 departures in the 2 schedules

- Price for 2 people $6,000 Mexican pesos,
- Price for 4 people $7,000 Mexican pesos.
- Price for 6 people $8,000 Mexican pesos.


In support of the ecological reserve, a federal fee of $58mxn or $4usd per person is paid for the preservation and care of this magnificent natural area.

Reservations are booked with 20% of the tour cost and the rest is paid at the beginning or end of the tour.

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